Our Strengths are those features of the business which allow us to operate more effectively than our competitors. We have considered our strengths not only from our own point of view but much more from that of our customers and clients. SWOT “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats” analyses are often used by our company during strategic planning. They serve as a precursor to any sort of our company action, such as exploring new initiatives, making decisions about new policies, identifying possible areas for change, or refining and redirecting efforts:





Techno-Economic Advisory Services


When clients are contemplating a new pilot facility, new plant, or major process expansion, they typically have more questions than answers.


“MEyTeS Industrial” is able to assist by providing engineering services that can identify, and systematically narrow down, the possible technical options for a given process goal.

At this point, a conceptual design can be developed by our company that includes preliminary process flow diagrams and a rough order cost estimation.

You want to have investment decisions, revisions, or organizational questions evaluated according to technical and economic criteria. We take the economic effects into account even when defining the technical concept.

Your benefit: You are provided with a solution that is convincing both from a technical and a commercial point of view.



Industrial Partnership


Based on our long standing knowledge and expertise in skills for the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector, we work hand in hand with the best known and largest European manufacturing companies. Being active over 5 years now in the same field, we have gained experience and acceptance by clients.

Our partners are leading provider of technologies and services to a variety of industry sectors:

  • Valves
  • Pump Systems
  • Flow Metering Package
  • Process Instrumentations
  • Turbines & Compressors
  • Process Engineering & Process Solution
  • Security Systems
  • Flare & Incineration Systems
  • Water & Process Technologies


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